What Comes After the Title? 4 Writing Strategies for When You Don’t Know Where to Start


Sometimes, the title is the easy part. You already know which keywords you want to use. You know what you want to write about. It’s everything that comes after the title that gives you trouble. How do you get started when you have this kind of writer’s block? There are a few strategies that you can use. Start with the ones that we’ve listed here.


Here’s a strategy that helps when you don’t know how to get started: Don’t think. Just write. “Freewriting” is a strategy that a lot of writers use when they don’t know how to get started. Without stopping, write down every thought that pops into your head about the subject in question. Don’t censor yourself, and don’t edit as you go. Just keep writing. If it helps, set a timer and tell yourself that you can’t stop writing until the timer goes off. When you’re finished, you won’t have a masterpiece. You will, however, have a lot of thoughts that you can use as a foundation for your content.

Let It Be Terrible

Speaking of not making masterpieces, sometimes you have to let your work be terrible. Now, this doesn’t mean that you press “publish” before your work is readable. It just means that you should go easy on yourself. Write a first draft without expecting perfection. Keep typing while knowing that you’re going to make mistakes. You can always edit later. Sometimes, we slow down the creative process because we think that we must create perfection on our first try. Give yourself some room to breathe and see how much easier the writing process gets.

Group Your Information

Writing trouble isn’t always a matter of writer’s block. Maybe you have the information that you need, but you’re not sure how to organize your thoughts. In that case, you’ll need to group your thoughts together in a way that works. Start by writing down your thoughts. You can try freewriting, making a bullet point list, or use whatever strategy you think would work best. Then, take a look at what you’ve written down. Do you notice any patterns? Do some thoughts look like they belong together? From here, you can create an outline and write a coherent blog post.

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