What Every Beginner Should Know About Google Ads


Do you remember Google Adwords? Well, Google Adwords is now called Google Ads. Aside from some extra features, the concept is basically the same. Google Ads is a platform where business owners can create pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These ads appear at the top of Google’s results pages. The business owner only pays for these ads if somebody clicks on them. Whether you’ve used Google Adwords in the past or you’re completely new to PPC advertising, here are a few things that you need to know.

SEO Still Matters

Some business owners abandon SEO as soon as they realize that PPC is an option. Don’t be one of those business owners. Even with the extra help from Google Ads, SEO still matters. Google still chooses which ads appear at the top based on the relevance of your search terms. Make sure that you keep doing your keyword research before you release an ad. Speaking of which, Google Ads has a helpful keyword research tool now. It can help you figure out which keywords will work best for your needs.

Generally, you should keep in mind that Google Ads aren’t a quick fix. People click on the organic search results before they click on the ads at the top of the page. While you use Google Ads, keep up the rest of your marketing efforts.

Filling in the Gaps

If most people click on the organic results, then why use Google Ads at all? Like we said, it’s not a quick fix. They do, however, make a great stepping stone into marketing success. Organic SEO takes time. PPC ads get much faster results, and people do click on them. PPC ads can give your marketing a boost while your SEO success grows. Furthermore, PPC ads are cost-effective. Remember that you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. That means you get exactly what you pay for, no matter what happens.

Get to Know the Platform

Since Google has changed and updated some of its features, it’s going to take some time to get used to the platform. The best thing that beginners can do is click around the platform until they get a feel for what they’re doing. You can also look for instructional YouTube videos.

You Can Find Experts to Help You

Finally, you can get someone else to take care of your Google Ads needs. There’s a science to creating the perfect Google Ad. The KiLLit Online team knows all about that science. When we create your ads, you can focus on running your business instead. Ready to avoid the hassle and get a lot of new traffic to your website? Get in touch with KiLLit Online today.


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