What Fiction Writing Can Teach You About Your Blog


What does fiction have to do with blogging? It’s one thing if you’re keeping a fiction blog, but what about blogging for your restoration company? As it turns out, marketing bloggers can learn a lot from fiction writers. There’s a reason why a good story makes people pay attention. When you learn a thing or two from fiction writers, you’ll get people to pay attention to your blog, too.

Know Your Audience

The best fiction writers know their audience well. An author who writes young adult novels knows what teenagers like to read. A fantasy author knows how to appeal to fantasy-focused readers. As a blog writer, you need to know your audience, too. What are some things that you know for sure about your audience? You know that they’re looking for restoration help, for one thing. You know that they’re probably homeowners and that many of them have kids. Start with the things that you know, and then write for your specific audience. This way, you’ll make your writing more appealing, and your readers will keep coming back.

Show, Don’t Tell

Fiction writers know how to describe a scene in subtle ways. They set the stage so that their readers can picture what’s happening. They don’t just tell their readers that it’s cold. They have their main characters bundle up and shiver in the snow. Of course, you’re writing about mold remediation instead of, say, a trek across the mountains, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to set the stage, too. See if you can make your audience picture the water in the basement or the smoke in the kitchen.

Stick to the Main Idea

Beginning writers sometimes veer off-topic. Experienced fiction writers stick to the main plot. You’ll want to do the same with your restoration blog. Find yourself veering from the main point? Then remove the extra information. Don’t get rid of it completely, though. You may be able to use those ideas later. Just set them aside for now.

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