What Restoration Companies Can Learn From Instagram Influencers


You’ve heard of “influencers,” right? They’re people who have created a brand out of their social media presence. These people can often make a lot of money from advertisements and other deals. It may seem silly and shallow, but when it comes to social media marketing, there are a few things that restoration company owners can learn from instagram influencers.

Engage Your Audience

Influencers gain so much popularity because they actively engage with their audiences. They answer questions from followers, respond to follower comments, and provide the sort of content that they know their followers want. Restoration and remediation companies don’t usually do the same. After all, you can’t provide a lot of pretty pictures of mold removal. However, you can engage with your followers. Address their questions and comments. Comment on other people’s social media posts. The key is to show them that there’s a real person behind this branded account.

Build Relationships

It’s not enough to have followers. You’ll want to nurture relationships with those clients, too. Now, we’re not saying that you need to invite all of your social media followers over for Thanksgiving dinner. However, you do need to follow-through on your online relationships. Instagram influencers know this fact. That’s why they always build credibility with their followers before they start advertising products. Obviously, your social media accounts will work differently. Still, if your account is all advertising and no personality or approachability, you probably won’t keep followers for a long time.

Keep A Regular Schedule

Instagram influencers post on a regular basis. Actually, some of them post on a near-constant basis. You don’t have to go that far. However, you should make sure that you do post regularly. You may not have thousands of followers, but you should still show your followers that they can count on you for consistent content.

Have Measurable Goals

The most successful instagram influencers have goals to help them reach new levels. Obviously, your goals won’t be the same as theirs. Nevertheless, you need simple goals and ways to measure those goals. This way, you can move forward on a consistent basis. Without goals, you’ll just make choices at random.

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