What’s Behind Killer Marketing Email Content?


We’ve all seen them—blah, bland, boring emails that cause us to hit the delete button right away. Could the marketing emails you send out be suffering a similar fate? Even the most organized and efficient email campaign setup can return poor results if your subscribers are glossing over your emails for others in their inbox. To keep subscribers coming back for more, you must hold their attention with compelling, interesting content—the kind they look forward to receiving every time.

Why You Have to Invest in Email Campaigns

The reason you invest the time in doing an email campaign is simple: to remind customers and potential customers of who you are, what you do, and how well you do it. Whether you sell a product or provide a service, your marketing email content is vital to keeping the B2B or B2C connection going so that when that business or consumer needs what you provide, they’ll think of you right away. The ultimate objective with any email marketing is to turn your subscribers into leads by having them respond to a call to action, and then convert them into paying customers.

Several factors go into the making of a good email marketing campaign. Imagine you’re on the receiving end of that email. What would make you want to open the message? Examine other emails you receive for pointers. Chances are, if you opened an email from another business, it contained quality content from the subject line to the closing signature.

Things to Remember When Putting Together Your Email Marketing Campaign

  • People are busy. Get to the point with a simple, concise message.
  • Bullets and lists make reading your message clear and easy.
  • Provide links to your website landing page to make it easy for the subscriber to get right to you.
  • Be recognizable. Align the look of your email with your other business branding, using the same colors, logo, etc. as your website, social media, and other advertising.
  • The subject line should be catchy. Which would you be more inclined to open – an email with the subject line of Books Galore! or Book Sale?
  • Content should be well organized and free of errors. Experts indicate you need just 20 lines of text to keep the reader focused. A good quality image or graphic adds interest and attraction.
  • Your message should always be relevant to your audience. Know you demographics and adjust your message accordingly.
  • Analyze the best time to send your email. Think about when your subscribers will be most likely to open (and read) it.

Email is a highly effective means to market your products or services and keep yourself relevant to your customers are concerned.


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