Why You’re Not Seeing Results with Your PPC Ads


SEO is tough. It can take months before you start seeing real results. That’s why many businesses turn to PPC ads. PPC, or pay-per-click ads, land right at the top of search engine results pages. As long as your ad is relevant to the search, your potential client will see it. But what if you’re not getting the results that you want? Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for less. At KiLLitOnLine, we can provide you with PPC ads help. Here are some of the possible reasons for your PPC rut.

You’re Ignoring SEO

Wait. You probably started using PPC because SEO alone wasn’t working. Now we’re telling you that you still need to use SEO? Yes. PPC and SEO can work separately, but they work best when you use them together. Remember that your PPC ad has to be relevant to the search. Otherwise, the search engine won’t show your ad at all. Instead, it’ll show somebody else’s PPC ads. Apply your SEO techniques to your PPC ads, and you’ll start seeing a difference.

You’re Making Them Do the Heavy Lifting

Your PPC ads can’t work alone, and we’re not just talking about SEO here. You can’t rely on PPC for everything. Yes, PPC can seriously boost your website traffic. However, you’ll need more than those ads to reach your full potential. For example, do you have a social media presence? Marketing works best when you have several layers. Let your marketing tactics work together.

Your Ads Have No Emotional Value

Are your PPC ads dry and boring? Then it’s time to rewrite them. It’s not enough that people see your ads. They’ll have to want to click on them. It’s your job to get them there. Marketing is all about psychology. Before you write your next ad, look up some marketing psychology basics. How do you want your readers to feel? What words are most likely to get their attention?

PPC Ads Help

Of course, most of our clients don’t have the luxury of time. Many of them would love to study the ins and outs of PPC marketing tricks, but the busyness of the day gets in the way. Does that sound familiar? Then let us help you the way we’ve helped plenty of other clients. We already know what separates a successful PPC ad from an unsuccessful one. Why do all the work when we’ve already done it for you? Ready to watch your PPC ads soar? Then contact KiLLitOnLine now.

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