Things you can do from Home on Laptop


Time doesn’t stay the same, it has a great potential of flexibility and modification. There was a time back in the late past when the nature of work was monotonous and people didn’t have many choices regarding their career or job options. Being the bread winners of your home, you had to step out for earning no matter what. But now things have changed, there are a number of fields and a lot of career options for every individual as per their interest. You need no degree but get some skills and start earning.

Back then we had the concept of step out and earn, then with advancement in everything the work modes and work patterns also did get improved and modified. The very prime one was “working from home”. Sitting in your house and using this technology friendly and highly `convenient mode of earning became a trend and a preference of many organizations. For outsourced companies, it was a golden opportunity to expand and acquire quality resource for them regardless of the geographical boundaries. For a number of people working on a laptop from home is their prime source of earning. Let’s put some light on the skills on how can one work from home and generate income on different Freelance websites, from own websites, etc.

1) Graphics and Design
A) Logo & Brand Identity
1) Logo Design
2) Brand Style Guides
3) Business Cards & Stationery

B) Gaming
1) Game Art

C) Art & Illustration
1) Illustration
2) Portraits & Caricatures
3) Cartoons & Comics
4) Tattoo Design
5) Storyboards

D) Visual Design
1) Photoshop Editing
2) Presentation Design
3) Infographic Design
4) Vector Tracing
5) Resume Design

E) Packaging & Labels
1) Book Design
2) Album Cover Design
3) Podcast Cover Art
4) Packaging Design
5) Car Wraps

F) Web & Mobile
1) Web & Mobile Design
2) Social Media Design
3) Web Banners

G) Architecture & Building Design
1) Architecture & Interior Design
2) Building Information Modeling

H) Fashion & Merchandise
1) Fashion Design
2) T-Shirts & Merchandise
3) Jewelry Design

I) Print Design
1) Flyer Design
2) Brochure Design
3) Signage Design
4) Poster Design
5) Catalog Design
6) Menu Design
7) Postcard Design
8) Invitation Design

2) Digital Marketing
1) Social Media Marketing(Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest)
2) Social Media Advertising
3) SEO
4) Local SEO
5) Marketing Strategy
6) Public Relations
7) Content Marketing
8) Video Marketing
9) Email Marketing
10) Community Management
11) Text Message Marketing
12) Domain Research
13) Online Surveys
14) Display Advertising
15) Influencer Marketing
16) E-Commerce Marketing
17) Affiliate Marketing
18) Mobile Marketing & Advertising
19) Podcast Marketing
20) Book & eBook Marketing
21) Music Promotion
22) Web Analytics
23) Web Traffic

3) Writing and Translation
1) Articles & Blog Posts
2) Translation
3) Proofreading & Editing
4) Brand Voice & Tone
5) Resume Writing
6) Cover Letters
7) LinkedIn Profiles
8) Sales Copy
9) Social Media Copy
10) Case Studies
11) Website Content
12) Product Descriptions
13) Press Releases
14) UX Writing
15) White Papers
16) Book & eBook Writing
17) Book Editing
18) Scriptwriting
19) Podcast Writing
20) Beta Reading
21) eLearning Content Development
22) Email Copy
23) Business Names & Slogans
24) Speechwriting
25) Creative Writing
26) Technical Writing
27) Legal Writing
28) Grant Writing
29) Transcripts
30) Research & Summaries

4) Video and Animation
1) Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
2) Video Editing
3) Short Video Ads
4) Lyric & Music Videos
5) Animated GIFs
6) Logo Animation
7) Character Animation
8) App & Website Previews
9) 3D Product Animation
10) Lottie & Website Animation
11) Subtitles & Captions
12) Slideshow Videos
13) eLearning Video Production
14) Visual Effects
15) Unboxing Videos on Youtube
16) Animation for Kids
17) Drone Videography
18) Intros & Outros
19) Animation for Streamers
20) Book Trailers
21) Article to Video
22) Real Estate Promos
23) Product Photography
24) Local Photography

5) Music and Audio
1) Voice Over
2) Producers & Composers
3) Singers & Vocalists
4) Mixing & Mastering
5) Session Musicians
6) Online Music Lessons
7) Podcast Editing
8) Songwriters
9) Beat Making
10) Audiobook Production
11) Audio Ads Production
12) Sound Design
13) Jingles & Intros
14) Dialogue Editing
15) Music Transcription
16) Vocal Tuning
17) DJ Drops & Tags
18) DJ Mixing
19) Remixing & Mashups

6) Programming and Tech
1) WordPress
2) Website Builders & CMS
3) Game Development
4) Python Development
5) Android Developing
6) IOS Developing
7) Java Developing
8) Web Developing
9) Linux administration
10) Database Developing
11) System Architecture
12) Drupal Developing
13) Game Developing
14) Web Programming
15) E-Commerce Development
16) Mobile Apps
17) Desktop Applications
18) Support & IT
19) Chat bots
20) Online Coding Lessons
21) Cybersecurity & Data Protection
22) Data Analysis & Reports
23) Convert Files to any Format

7) Business
1) Virtual Assistant
2) Data Entry
3) Market Research
4) Project Management
5) Business Consulting
6) Business Plans
7) Presentations
8) Lead Generation
9) Game Concept Design
10) Legal Consulting
11) Financial Consulting
12) E-Commerce Management
13) Supply Chain Management
14) HR Consulting
15) Career Counseling

8) Lifestyle
1) Online Tutoring
2) Astrology & Psychics
3) Life Coaching
4) Fitness Lessons
5) Personal Stylists
6) Cooking Lessons
7) Craft Lessons
8) Arts & Crafts Tutoring
9) Traveling Blogs

9) Health Care
1) Health and Nutrition & Fitness Plans
2) Family & Genealogy Counseling
3) Dermatologist (Skin and Hair Care Tips)
4) Online Fitness Coaching

10) Sell on Major E-commerce Platforms
1) Amazon
2) Ebay
3) Alibaba
4) Daraz
5) Ali Express
6) Shopify
7) Jingdong
8) Zalanado
9) Group On

11) Social Media
A) LinkedIn
1) Creation of a LinkedIn Page with all the information provided.
2) Finding of highly targeted customers and connections
3) Building Relations with connections
4) Grow email marketing list (Make a crafted letter for each connection)
5) Grow your LinkedIn page by joining groups and staying active
6) Making of Custom URL for LinkedIn Profile/Page/Group
7) Creation of Personalized LinkedIn Groups
8) Daily posting to get a more targeted audience by tagging and mentioning pages/people
9) Optimize posts for reach and impact
10) Creation of LinkedIn Polls for feedback and engagement
11) Respond to comments within a short timeframe
12) Live Sessions on LinkedIn
13) Growing connections by learning from Analytics
14) Amplify Page through Paid Promotions

B) Facebook
1) Creation of a Facebook Page and Group with all the information provided
2) Promotion of Facebook Page/Group to a targeted audience
3) Daily posting of pictures, stories and videos to engage the audience
4) Do Facebook Advertising: Classic Ads
5) Demographic targeting by Facebook user data on age, location, education, and interests
6) Post Sponsored Stories
7) Proactively engage with your audience
8) Post at the right time by using Facebook insights
9) Do creative marketing by providing fresh and new content
10) Tracking and analyzing of results to reach with Rich audience
11) Writing SEO-optimized captions

C) Instagram
1) Creation of Instagram Business Profile
2) Optimizing of Instagram Profiles
3) Create Powerful and Fresh content to get audience
4) Capturing of High-Quality Images of Products for Instagram Account
5) Getting a targeted audience by using ads and tools
6) Creation of Visually compelling content
7) Engage the audience through comments
8) Establish your brand’s “look” on Instagram
9) Write SEO Optimized captions and hashtags
10) Make the most of Instagram Stories and use stories highlights and covers to boost your
11) Build anticipation for a product launch with the Countdown sticker
12) Go Live frequently to update your audience
13) Expand audience with Instagram ads
14) Refine your strategy with analytics

D) Pinterest
1) Creation of Pinterest Profile
2) Creation of boards with keywords in your title
3) Use the description to spread your ideas
4) Create vertical images to maximize your real estate
5) Building relevant links back to your website or blog
6) create an embed code on the Pinterest site
7) Share pins and boards on other social media channels
8) Make a pinnable image on every post that publishes
9) Build authority on your topic by curating boards with great relevant content
10) Creation of collaborative boards

E) Youtube
1) Creation of YouTube channel
2) SEO Optimized Videos
3) Write SEO Optimized titles and descriptions to Rank videos
4) Making of Proper Cover Photo and logo for the YT channel.
5) Provide rich and unique ideas to grow your channel.
6) Making of High-Quality Videos
7) Do Voice for YT videos
8) Making of High Quality and attractive Thumbnails
9) Upload content regularly
10) Learn from channel analytics to grow the channel
11) Figure out what your audience wants
12) Engage with the audience through comments
13) Embed your videos on other Social Websites
14) Creation of YT channel video playlists to organize your content
15) Making affiliate marketing videos with proper descriptions to run your business
16) Do live streaming and collaborate with other brands
17) Run a paid YT channel for videos

F) WhatsApp
1) Creation of a Business Profile
2) Join targeted WhatsApp Groups to expand business
3) Posting of Stories about the product of your business
4) Write attractive descriptions
5) Post your links, images, and videos to different groups to reach the maximum audience
6) Engage directly with phone calls to the clients
7) Use WhatsApp tools to do marketing
8) Keep the quality of messages to preserve the interest of the audience

12) Cooking
1) Create a YouTube cooking Channel and publish attractive cooking tutorials and become
a celebrity chef
2) Take Cooking Classes Online to teach cooking
3) Make your own cooking website and upload food blogs about healthy breakfast, lunch,
dinner, desserts
4) Make Frozen foods and deliver them nearby through Android/IOS app
5) Become a Food Blogger and take sponsorships from restaurants to promote them on
social media by reviewing them
6) Earn money as a recipe writer by creating your own website with different categories like
breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking, and desserts
7) Teach “how to quick fix your food” hacks online
8) Start a website to supply home-cooked food
9) Write a cookbook and sell it in the market

13) Fitness
1) Do online certification about fitness and start online coaching
2) Selling workout plans for lean people as well as for bulky people
3) Create a Fitness App
4) Selling meal plans and write eBooks
5) Selling Fitness Products Online
6) Start a YouTube channel and teach the proper way of doing exercises
7) Create your own website and teach people about fitness.
8) Create your own website and start fitness blogging
9) Start online fitness programs like Build and Burn for 3-4 weeks for bulky people to generate
10) Become a personal trainer


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