Worried about Boring Content? 4 Ways Small Businesses can Spruce up Dull Content


Are you worried that your Cleaning Service or Disaster Restoration Service
business content is boring?

Given the fact that the quality of your content can impact your conversion rate,
your worries are valid and very real.

Your customers expect to find value when they connect with your brand. The value
can be by way of knowledge of your product or service as well as in their usage.
Now if your content cannot meet these expectations, chances are potential
customers will look for value elsewhere – in all probability, they will move on to a
competitor brand.

So where does this leave you?

The short answer, it can drain your sales pipeline of potential customers. Not to
mention the damage this can inflict upon your search engine ranking. Remember,

search engines such as Google position search results to provide maximum value
to users. And if your content does not offer value, then a drop in your search
ranking is bound to happen, which in turn will impact your conversion rate.
If this is something you are experiencing or if you are worried that your cleaning
service or disaster restoration business content is boring, then this article is for

Continue reading to learn about four easy ways in which you can spruce up your
dull content.

4 Easy Steps to Breathe New Life into Dull Content

Every business wants to boost site traffic, build brand awareness, and drive
conversion and sales. And your business content is the fuel to drive these goals.
However, creating entertaining and fresh content regularly can prove to be difficult
for certain business niches or industries such as the cleaning service industry or the
disaster restoration services sector.

Your content spectrum is limited to the value your products and services offer.
You can write about cleaning a dirty carpet or about disaster restoration services
after a fire. Hard to find any entertainment value in these topics. True. But that
does not mean you cannot get creative with your content and discover new ways to
add value to your business content.

Consider the following four strategies to drive up your content value.

1. Recharge your Content Creation Process

As a cleaning services business or a disaster restoration business, you probably
already focus your content on addressing common cleaning services issues or
disaster restoration challenges. Great.

But how long can you continue generating content with the same tones and issues?

Here’s what you can do come up with fresh ideas for content;

  • Track common user questions in search results or even compile a list of
    common questions that customers ask.
  • Topic forums and communities are a great place to look for common
    questions that are being asked and discussed so visit them regularly.
  • List out topics that offer little or incomplete information or are misleading.
  • Use social to find common questions customers have about your business products and services.
  • Answer some common “Why” questions and queries – these have a great hook-up value among users.
  • Plan interviews or question-answer sessions with experts from the industry who can offer data-driven information to your customers.

Once you have all this information, creating a content plan becomes easier. You
will also be able to give your content a clear definition and direction

2. Solve Everyday Problems and Challenges 

One way to increase the bandwidth of your content is by creating space for addressing everyday challenges or common issues that customers face in the normal course of the day. 

Customers might call you for big cleaning issues that they might face, or they might call you if their home has already suffered damage. And you probably have a ton of articles and resources on these topics. But most customers would love advice on simple cleaning tips, or DIY home projects that they can complete on their own without having to spend big dollars. 

To understand what customers want, put yourself in their shoes and think about what they might face in their everyday life that they might need help with. 

Most online searches have a clear and specific goal. So for example post the holiday season, common searches often revolve around “how to get rid of oven grease or “how to clean a dirty oven,” or “how to remove a stain from the couch.” 

These are common everyday issues that most customers face and if they would love to get expert “DIY” advice to do the job themselves.  

Not only are you offering them highly relevant information, but most importantly it can help build trust in your brand and establish you as a “go-to-expert” among your target customer base.  

You can run a “DIY” series or tutorials on your blog or YouTube channel and
share it on social and all your other digital assets.

3. Convert your Dull Content into something more Fascinating and Informative

As important as it is, there is hardly anything fun about digital marketing, right?
Well, what if you can do it differently?

Here’s a video by Randy Fishkin – It’s an old video, but so cleverly titled “The
Best Way to Suck at Marketing.”

If you are looking up marketing content, and this shows up, chances are you will
want to click on the video and watch it.

What’s important here is that Randy gets you hooked – beyond the title, he is
offering vital information. And he does it in a way that pulls you in, not just
visually, but also the verbal content is delivered in a way that is relatable and easy
to understand. He keeps you watching – which is his end goal!

Look up all your old content or even new topics and see if you can give it a spin.
Creative titles and relatable content delivery (verbal/visual) can pull in audiences.

Tip – think how you can provoke a response.

Between “How to get your Marketing Right,” and “The Best way to Suck at
Marketing.” Which one would you click on?

Enough said.

4. Create Data-driven Content 

Informative content is one type of content that never gets old. People want
information that is new, fact-based, and relevant to their interests.

So for example, you could create a series on how historical sites are maintained
and focus on the cleaning or the restoration of damaged structures across the globe.
The topic may not be directly be linked to your business, but it does offer
customers fact-based interesting information.

Closer home – you could create content such as “fun home-cleaning or kitchen
cleaning facts” or something on similar lines.

If you run a disaster restoration business, consider discussing different aspects of
preventive maintenance. Alternatively, you could do a video about disaster
restoration post a natural calamity that actually happened.

Include facts and figures or any research data that prompts people to take action –
be it with their home maintenance or by way of legal and insurance coverage.

Key Take-Aways

Content creation is an essential aspect of digital marketing. Good content can help
you connect with customers and build brand value. The quality of your content
matters. But to generate quality content consistently, well, that takes practice.
While it is true that content creation can be challenging for service-based
businesses such as cleaning services and disaster restoration services, with some
planning, you can breathe new life into boring content.

If your content is created with the customer in mind and offers value, it will never
be dull. So go ahead and use the above-listed strategies to add more value to your
content in a way that matters to your target customer base.


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