YouTubers borrowing from AdWords


There are a few AdWord qualities that might look good on YouTube video ads, according to a recent article in Marketingland.

A comScore survey shows that 30 percent of adults prefer online video ads to television.

On the advertisers’ side, there are clear advantages to having online videos that television does not offer. For instance, marketing information is logged automatically to show targeting data and viewer preferences. This information is accessible and can be used to optimize an advertising campaign.

By utilizing features available on AdWords, TrueView ad campaigners can reach out to a broader customer base and glean higher revenues.

Remarketing lists for search ads using appropriate keywords is a viable AdWords crossover to improve your marketing campaign.

The Customer Match feature lets you utilize list of email address to target your audience through multiple ad campaigns: Video, Search, and Display. This feature can be used for any list of potential customers to promote products and services to a plethora of new customers or to put new products in front of old customers who have fallen off the radar.

Alongside the Customer Match feature, using the “high value customers” or “frequency purchasers” lists can open up a new very advantageous viewer base.

Google released its new “TrueView for action” in 2016 for YouTube which is only available in beta now but is expected to be released to a broader viewing capability at a later time. This feature allows the advertiser more flexibility with a “call-to-action” button which will transfer a viewer to other service aspects and information about the product shown in the applicable video.




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